We're on a Mission to Put Dogs First

Putting Dogs First means prioritizing the health and happiness of our dogs over corporate profits.

What do we mean by Put Dogs First? Unfortunately, we live in a greedy world run by financially-driven corporations. While many dog brands say they’re premium, few live up to their promises. Rather, at their posh corporate headquarters, pet care businesses are making more money but cutting costs. And you know at whose expense? Our dogs and the environment. 

Here at Yitto Paws, we’re putting an end to the empty promises now! Our dogs show us unconditional love every single day. It’s time we live up to their love and Put Dogs First!

See How We Put Dogs First!

We're Committed to Organic

You Buy

the adorable, yitto dog 
on our bag

We Choose

the best organic ingredients for your dog

Organic Ingredients Are Better for Your Dog

We know organic ingredients are better for your dog, for the farmers who grow our food, and our environment. Certified Organic always means non-GMO, avoiding toxic, persistent pesticides, and so much more. Fewer chemicals in our soils, water, food and air benefits us all. Interested in learning more about why we're so passionate about organic?
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specially selected organic oats for dogs are excellent health boosters

Always Human Grade

You Choose

healthy food for your entire family. Yes, that means your dog too!

We Select

the safest, most delicious and nutritious, human grade ingredients for your dog

Ingredients You Can Trust

You can trust Yitto Paws to use the finest, healthiest ingredients—just like they were from your own kitchen. Yes, our yitto treats are that good!.
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wooden bowl of organic blueberries

Honest Food You Can Trust

You Love

when you can believe in the products you buy and trust how they’re made.

We Promise

to make honest food and always tell the truth

Transparency. Honesty. Integrity. Period!

From our ingredients, to how our treats are made and packaged, to what we tell you in our advertising, you can count on us to always tell the truth. Transparency. Honesty. Integrity. Period! You and your dog deserve nothing less.
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organic peanut butter

Dedicated to a Healthy Planet

You Believe

in choosing products that are better for our planet.

We Deliver

products that nurture your dog while being kind to Mother Earth

Organic Ingredients Are the First Step!

Organic ingredients are just the beginning of what we plan to do to help create a healthy, sustainable planet.
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yitto treats

And ... We're Proud to Be Different!

You Hope

to make this a better world for your family and future generations.

We Are

committed to making this a better world.

We're a Different Kind of Company

Inspired by our furry friends, we’re in the business of unconditional love. That means we’re building a totally different kind of company!
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Our Mission is to Put Dogs First 3

Join Our Mission

Our mission is to Put Dogs First by cultivating a healthier and happier world through nourishing foods, honesty, unconditional love inspired by our beloved dogs, and actions that demonstrate our genuine commitment to our planet.

Putting Dogs First means prioritizing the health and happiness of our dogs over corporate profits.


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We take your privacy seriously. To learn more please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


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