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What started with one puppy turned into our mission to make our organic dog food recipes available to dogs everywhere!

How Organic Dog Food Miraculously Cured Our Dog Forever in 2 Weeks! 3

Our Perfect Puppy, Katie

Over 12 years ago, we adopted a perfect little puppy. My son, Ben, named her Katie. 

Although Katie’s adoption was not planned, the decision to add her to our small, little family was definitely one of the best ones we’ve ever made.

But soon after we adopted Katie, she started getting sick.

Soon after we brought Katie home, she started getting sick. From throwing up, loose stools, and a constant battle with red, itchy skin that turned into hot spots, Katie wasn’t well. Our little girl was suffering, and we were distraught!

Unfortunately, Katie spent her first six months with us on repeated rounds of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory meds, and a cone on her head to try to treat all of these ailments. 

organic dog food and treats cured Katie's health problems
Here's another photo of our pup, Katie, wearing a cone on her head thanks to the food she was eating. Organic dog food and treats cured her of all her health problems!

Desperate to get to the root of the problem, we changed diets too many times to count, but we weren’t going to give up on our precious puppy.

Coincidentally, at that time, our family had started switching to eating more unprocessed, organic foods, and we were feeling healthier. So, we decided to give this approach a try with Katie.

We choose an organic, clean-protein diet made with simple ingredients. We also decided we wanted to try an oat-based diet. I had worked for years marketing oat-based cereals and had learned of the countless health benefits of diets rich in oats.

Choosing an oat-based, organic dog food had miraculous results!

Eating oat-based, organic dog food and treats cured our dog in 2 weeks

Within 2 weeks, Katie went from an inflamed, itchy dog with an upset stomach to a carefree, healthy girl full of energy with no problems at all. We were (and are) so thrilled to have discovered this miracle and were determined to make sure she ate clean, nutritious, organic dog food — even when we gave her treats!

The Birth of Yitto Paws

Finally, human grade, organic dog treats that are as delicious as they are nutritious

I’ve always loved to cook, and when our household started eating healthier, I cooked even more. In fact, I became so passionate about cooking and eating clean, real food, that joined an organic farm, ditched drinking soft drinks, launched a food blog and wrote a best-selling thriller about the processed food industry entitled FAT PROFIT$.
Eating oat-based, organic dog food and treats cured our dog, Katie, in 2 weeks
Feeding Katie healthy, real food was a natural extension of my newfound food philosophy. And when we found how wonderful Katie did on an organic, oat-based diet, cooking up homemade treats for her became a regular part of our lives.

As my blog became more and more popular, though, I was surprised by what recipe was the most popular. It was my recipe for Katie’s Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats with Blueberries.

That’s when I had my “ah-ha” moment. Why don’t I start sharing what I’ve learned about organic, oat-based diets with all dog owners? And why don’t we start standing up to big pet food companies who talk about “healthier” dog food and treats, but when you look closely, they’re full of junky additives or ingredients like sugar that your dog simply does not need.

Yes, it is time for a new type of organic dog food company that truly Puts Dogs First! And that’s why we’ve founded Yitto Paws!

Watch the Video about Our Story

To learn more about how organic dog food and treats helped cure Katie and started Yitto Paws!

Join Us on Our Mission to Put Dogs First!

We’ve just started our mission to Put Dogs First, and we’d love for you to join us!

There are all different ways you can take the next step. Learn more about our mission. Buy a couple bags of Yitto Paws treats today. Sign up for our newsletter. Or consider joining our team as a Yitto Paws Ambassador!

Whichever path or paths you choose, we’re so happy to have you as part of the Yitto Paws family!

The Yitto Paws Story ... What started with one puppy turned into our mission to make our organic dog food recipes available to dogs everywhere!


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