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Everybody loves to get free stuff and save money — especially when it comes to your favorite brand of dog treats, Yitto Paws. So, we’ve tried to make it super easy.

Just click on any of the offers below that you’re interested in, and we’ll email you about them in the coming weeks and months.

6 Great Offers for Savings & Fun

Offer #1:

New Products, Recipes, and News

If you’re interested in learning more about new products we’re launching, healthy recipes for your dog, and other news and updates from Yitto Paws, we’d love to share them with you first! 

Jerky Bites copy

Offer #2:

Free Copies of Our New Series of Children's Books about Yitto

Yes, in case you didn’t realize it already, Yitto is also the star of a brand new series of children’s books. Our first book, A Dog Named Yitto, will be available Fall 2019. Sign up to learn more about the release of Yitto’s books and to receive your FREE copy.

Offer #3:

Access to our Secret Store

Being part of the Yitto Paws family means you get special access to secret, limited edition products like holiday treats for your pup. Interested? Then sign up here!

Yitto Paws plans to launch their Holiday Strawberry Granola Bites Human Grade Dog Treats soon!
At Yitto Paws our mission to put dogs first with delicious organic, human grade dog treats.

Offer #4:

Free Yitto Paws Merchandise

From stickers to glasses to coasters to t-shirts to notepads, we’ve got all sorts of Yitto Paws branded gear to share with you. And sometimes, we’re even going to give stuff away to our special friends like you. All you have to do is sign up here!

Offer #5:

Sales & Coupons

Okay — we’ll be honest. Yitto Paws doesn’t go on sale often or offer many coupons. Why? Well, if our mission is “To Put Dogs First,” and we’re committed to giving back to helping dogs in need with our “20 by 30” Pledge, it means Yitto can’t be giving away all his profits. That said, on rare occasions, we’ll offer a sale or discount. If you want to be one of the first to know, sign up here.

Offer #6:

Deals, Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Occasionally, when we will partner with some of our favorite brands, they’ll offer us special deals, sweepstakes, and giveaways for their products. If you’re interested is learning more about these offers for cool products from like-minded, purpose-driving companies, sign up here!

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