Healthy Planet

We're taking a stand for Mother Earth!

At our core, Yitto Paws is about Putting Dogs First and sharing their unconditional love in the world around us. There’s no better place to bring that love to life than in our commitment to a healthy planet. 

The global food system accounts for an estimated one-third of global greenhouse gases, up to 86% of which stems from agricultural production. We have a responsibility and opportunity to help tackle climate change and improve the health of our planet by the choices we make within our supply chain.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability started from humble beginnings as a part of our founder’s dream. After repeatedly seeing corporate profiteers plunder the environment, Yitto Paws commits to taking care for Mother Earth every day and in every way.

We Design Sustainable Products from the Ground Up!

As part of our effort to Unleash Some Love, we strive to design more sustainable products by working with ingredient, manufacturing, and packaging partners that prioritize environmental and social responsibility in order to support a healthy planet.

Organic and regenerative agriculture helps build a healthy planet

Organic & Regenerative Agriculture

Right now, our focus is on using organic ingredients in all of our products. In the future, we will be increasing our efforts in three ways: (1) promoting regenerative agriculture practices that build soil health, (2) fostering programs to increase biodiversity, and (3) helping build more resilient farming communities.

Choosing responsible partners helps Yitto Paws support a Healthy Planet


Yitto Paws works directly with our manufacturing partners to reduce resource consumption, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. Our long-term goal is to be a zero-waste, carbon-neutral company.

100% sustainable packaging is Yitto Paws goal by 2022


At Yitto Paws, we have a goal of 100% sustainable packaging by 2023. Honestly, we were hoping to get there for our 2019 launch, but it just wasn’t possible. Don’t worry, though. We’re not going to give up on making this a reality. Yes, it will cost us more, but we care too much about sustainability to drop the ball and harm Mother Earth!

Carbon Neutral by 2025

Great things don’t happen without taking action. That’s why we’re setting aggressive goals for becoming a carbon neutral company 

Please join us on our goal to be carbon neutral by 2025. Together we can make it happen, putting one paw in front of the other!

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Supporting a Healthy Planet is central to all we do at Yitto Paws. We know our families and their dogs need a strong Mother Earth to thrive!

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