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How is Yitto Paws Different?

From the very start, we imagined Yitto Paws as a different kind of company. Tired of the relentless profit-at-all-cost mentality of most corporations, our founder, Bruce, was determined to create something better—a company dedicated to serving dogs and their owners. That’s how Yitto Paws and our “Put Dogs First” mission got started. 

True to those we serve, we’ve replaced corporate greed with two qualities that dogs share with their owners every day — loyalty and giving. Learn more about we Unleash Some Love and join us on our mission to Put Dogs First!

This is what "proud to be different" means!

Money Isn't Why We Come To Work

Money isn’t the reason we come to work every day. Yes, paying our bills and taking care of our employees and the communities we serve requires we make money, but profits aren’t our singular focus.

That’s why we founded Yitto Paws as a Public Benefit Corporation and hope to become a Certified B Corporation as we grow!

Yitto Paws is proud to be different. We're a Public Benefit corporation and money isn't why we come to work!
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We're Loyal

Dogs truly embody loyalty, and we’re determined to make it a core value at Yitto Paws by tirelessly putting dogs first as well as being loyal to our employees and the communities we serve.

We're proud to be different by being loyal!

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as loyalty in Corporate America these days. Instead, consumers, employees, and communities are often sacrificed in the name of corporate profits. 

At Yitto Paws, we think loyalty is due for a comeback. Instead of marginalizing those who support us, we’re determined to stand by our commitments and stakeholders!

Yitto Paws is proud to be different by putting dogs first

Our Dogs

The unconditional love that our dogs show us deserves more than what most pet product companies serve up. 

What happens when a big pet food brand misses its Wall Street profit guidance? The answer is simple—they cut the quality of the product. While at first, these changes may be small, over time they add up and create inferior products you barely recognize and may harm your dog. 

At Yitto Paws, we’re loyal to pets and their owners and pledge to never trade promises for profits. That’s why we Put Dogs First!

Yitto Paws is proud to be different by being loyal to its employees

Our Employees

There was a time when companies took care of their employees. Unfortunately, that day has come and gone. 

In its place we find executives lining their pockets with more while the average employee is at greater financial risk due to companies (1) paying less than a living wage, (2) cutting benefits like health care and pensions, and (3) eliminating jobs in order to please Wall Street or avoid paying retirement. 

At Yitto Paws, we believe employees deserve better and promise that as we grow, we will strive to do better and be loyal to employees that help us build our company!


Yitto Paws is proud to be different by being loyal to the communities we serve and operate in

Our Communities

Corporate America has swapped loyalty for greed. Rather than investing in communities to make them stronger, many companies demand tax breaks and subsidies in exchange for not moving. And even then, executives are quick to sell their home-grown companies to the highest bidder, which more often than not results in business relocation and the loss of jobs. 

We’re tired of all this greed and suffering. Yitto Paws is committed to being a loyal partner, creating jobs, paying our fair share of taxes, and helping build thriving communities!

Committed to Giving

Giving back to help dogs and their families in need is in our DNA. That’s why we’re making our “20 by 30” pledge. Simply put, Yitto Paws’ goal is to donate at least 20% of its annual profits by 2030! 

This level of giving is unheard of in Corporate America. Although we’re just getting started and are a long way from this goal, we’re confident that together we can set a new standard in giving by putting dogs first!

Yitto Paws is proud to be different by declaring greed isn't welcome at our company.

Greed Isn't Welcome Here

Unlike many of the popular, upstart dog brands you’ll find online and in stores, Yitto Paws isn’t looking to sell out to some corporate behemoth to make its leaders rich. Furthermore, no venture capital firm is at the wheel, forcing cost-cuts or other questionable actions that undermine our commitment to dogs. 

Yes, that may mean we won’t grow as fast or earn as much money as the other guys, but we’re okay with that! Hopefully, you are too, and you’ll join us in putting dogs first!

Join Us!

Please, join us on our mission to put dogs first. We honestly can’t do it without you!

Learn more about the many ways you can help make a difference!

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