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Yitto Paws Puts Dogs First by being 100% Human Grade!

Why do we believe in 100% human grade dog treats so much? It’s not because Yitto Paws has some elitist beliefs. Instead, it’s a commentary on how poorly regulated the dog food industry is.

While the FDA and AAFCO have oversight of the dog food industry, in reality, they don’t protect your dog. Of course, the big dog food companies love being free of pesky rules since that gives them a whole lot more room to focus on their profits.

What does this mean for your dog? More often than not it results in low quality, unhealthy food that may make your dog ill. That’s why we’ve chosen to be different!

High Quality Ingredients

Which apple would you feed your dog?

Which apple would you choose? Human grade dog treats choose real, delicious fruit, not fruit that is rotting and should be composted.

At Yitto Paws we use ONLY organic, human grade ingredients like the apple on the left. Human grade dog treats abides by all federal food safety laws. In contrast, the FDA guidelines for regular dog food are that (1) it needs to be safe to eat, (2) produced in sanitary conditions, and (3) labeled properly. In other words, as long as it isn’t harmful, it’s okay to use in dog food.

Quality Control

Dog Food quality control regulations are as effective at protecting your dog as a fence with huge gaps in it

Current dog food regulations don't protect your dog. That's why Yitto Paws makes organic, human grade dog treats.

Human Grade food is subject to about 100 manufacturing and quality control regulations, about 6 times those used in regulating pet food.

Food Safety Standards

What does an FDA compliance officer have to say when summarizing feed safety regulation in the United States?

Why Are Human Grade Dog Treats the Best Choice? 9

“Aside from relying on low moisture levels, there are few controls built into the feed system…”

Shannon Jordre
Compliance Officer, FDA
Center for Veterinary Medicine

Scary Waste Products

Would you let your dog eat out of a dumpster or worse?

The Truth about what could be in your dog's treats is scary!

Why Are Human Grade Dog Treats the Best Choice? 10


Restaurant and supermarket waste including grease, out-of-date or spoiled meats, and dumpsters full of food waste

Why Are Human Grade Dog Treats the Best Choice? 10

Slaughterhouse By-Products

Bones, organs, blood, beaks, feathers, hair, hooves, horns, and all other sorts of rendered products that are all considered "unfit for human consumption" are allowed in your dog's treats and food.

Why Are Human Grade Dog Treats the Best Choice? 10

Mystery Meat

4D meat is the pet food industry's name for the dying, diseased, disabled, or dead meat they can put in your dog's treats or food. Depending on the manufacturer, this 4D meat at its best could be from livestock or poultry, or at its worst, it could be roadkill or euthanized animals.

Choosing organic, human grade dog treats is the answer for a healthier pup!

The Best Way to Treat Your Dog

Some people may ask, “What’s all the fuss about human grade dog food? After all, dogs were scavengers and fed scraps from humans for millennia.”

While this may be true, what’s in today’s dog products could be much worse than the scraps of the past. Corporate greed has put our dogs at risk by using the FDA’s very low standard which can be best described as, if it doesn’t kill the dog, it’s okay to feed it to them.

That’s why Yitto Paws has chosen a different path—a mission to Put Dogs First!

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Yitto Paws Puts Dogs First by making 100% Human Grade Dog Treats!

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