Meet Yitto

Who's Yitto?

Yitto is the adorable, little dog who’s on our package. See him … right on top of our logo.

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This is Yitto the mascot for Yitto Paws

Where does Yitto's name come from?

Our founder’s sister-in-law, Casey, used to nanny for a family whose son said “yitto” instead of “little.”

Is there a real life Yitto?

Yes! When my brother and his wife, Casey, adopted a dog, they named him Colby Jack. He quickly earned the name Yitto for being such a cute, little puppy. Here’s a photo of Colby Jack (aka Yitto) all grown up.

Does your dog have a yitto nickname?

We’d love to learn more about you and your yitto dog’s nicknames. Just share your story with us and use #yittonicknames 🙂

Interested in learning more about Yitto's story?

People love the story behind Yitto and Yitto Paws name so much that we decided to create a video about it. Enjoy!

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Yitto Paws is the Best Way to Treat Your Dog!