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Our team is small but strong ... and we're ALL dedicated to Putting Dogs First by making Yitto Paws the Best Way to Treat Your Dog!

We’re assembling a talented, passionate team here at Yitto Paws. Every team member is super committed to our mission to Put Dogs First and reaching our 20 by 30 pledge — a goal to give 20% of our our profits to help dogs in need by 2030! Learn more about our team members below. 

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Founder &
Chief Dog Officer

Bruce is a former marketing food exec who worked at General Mills, Pillsbury, and Nabisco. After leaving General Mills, he worked as a marketing consultant, wrote a best-selling thriller about the processed food industry, and runs a food blog at brucebradley.com.

After one of his dog treat recipes went viral, he had his "ah-ha" moment of marrying his passion for healthy food, sustainability, and dogs—and Yitto Paws was born.

Katie is the pup behind it all and is the reason Yitto Paws homemade, organic, human grade treats were originally made.


Yitto Taster

Katie is our Chief Yitto Taster, inspiration for Yitto Paws, and Bruce's dog. Her unconditional love, totally sweet personality, and adorable face brightens up every day.

In her free time, Katie likes to sleep anywhere she can find a spot close to Bruce. She also likes to sit by the front door and watch people and their puppies walk by.

Katie is also a quintessential foodie, which in her case means she LOVES food. Thankfully long walks, nutritious food, and homemade Yitto Paws treats have kept her fit, trim, happy and healthy!

Casey is Yitto Paws VP of Social Media


Social Media

Casey is in charge of all things related to social media for Yitto Paws. A professional photographer and photo organizing expert, Casey has worked on the social media accounts for several brands, and we're SO lucky to have her on our team.

You can find Casey online under her nickname, Miss Freddy. Casey also has a very special connection to Yitto Paws -- she's Colby Jack's mom. Colby Jack (our Asst. Yitto Taster on the team) was nicknamed Yitto by Casey when he was just a puppy.

Colby Jack is an assistant Yitto taster at Yitto Paws. His nickname is Yitto, and that's where the name of Yitto Paws came from.

Colby Jack

Yitto Taster

Colby Jack is the inspiration behind the name Yitto. His mom is our founder's sister-in-law, and she nannied for a little boy one summer who say "yitto" instead of little. Well, when she adopted Colby Jack, she started calling him Yitto and it stuck.

In his spare time, Colby Jack sleeps, "guards" his house, greets visitors, and loves to taste-test new flavors of Yitto Paws.

Micah is Yitto Paws VP of Brand Outreach


Brand Outreach

Micah is our lead Brand Ambassador. A lawyer by trade who specializes in health and electronic medical records law, Micah loves dogs and when he learned about Yitto Paws' mission to Put Dogs First, knew he had to join the team to spread the word.

John is Yitto Paws VP of e-Commerce



John is our retail, e-commerce expert. After working at Target for four years, John moved on to Amazon where he dramatically grew advertising revenue with top tier customers. After leaving Amazon, he's worked as a director of e-commerce and product marketing.




As a distance runner, and former Division I athlete at Davidson College, health and wellness are important to Paige. Although her experience has been in the government and non-profit sectors, she has always had a love for healthy, mission-driven food companies. As she works towards building a career in food and nutrition policy, she has become passionate about sustainable and equitable food systems, in which everyone has access to health and nutrition resources.

Paige is excited to support Yitto Paws’ mission to Put Dogs First and prioritize their health and happiness with only the best organic, human grade ingredients. Her own dogs, Levi and Sloppy Joe, are huge Yitto Paws fans!

Isabella Team Member Special Projects Intern


Special Projects

Isabella is our Special Projects Intern. She is also a senior at Davidson College and a member of their Women’s Lacrosse. Isabella has had several internships in communications, directly translating into the projects she is working on for Yitto Paws. As a dog lover herself, Isabella knew she had to join the team after learning about Yitto Paws’ unique story and mission. Isabella aspires to obtain a communications and marketing career and is learning valuable skills while working with Yitto Paws. Her dog, Wrigley, loves Yitto Paws treats!

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Our team is small but strong ... and we're ALL dedicated to Putting Dogs First by making Yitto Paws the Best Way to Treat Your Dog!


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