Why Organic?

At our core, Yitto Paws is about Putting Dogs First and sharing their unconditional love in the world around us. There’s no better place to bring that love to life than in our commitment to bettering our planet by choosing organic ingredients. 

Our founder, Bruce, has been a long-time advocate of choosing organic food. After working at several big food companies, Bruce realized that conventional, highly processed foods weren’t the answer for his family, which includes their dog, Katie.

USDA Organic

USDA certified organic foods meet or exceed one of the most stringent, legally defined standards for how food is grown and processed

What Does Certified Organic Buy You?

  • No genetically-modified organisms (GMOs)
  • No harmful pesticides or chemically derived fertilizers.
  • Organic products cannot be irradiated/exposed to radiation to kill potential pathogens
  • Higher standards for the care and treatment of animals
  • Farming practices that are sustainable and protect the environment.

Organic standards yield HUGE benefits!

Healthier Soil

Many conventional agriculture practices like over-tilling, over-grazing, and excessive chemical applications are degrading our soil. Organic farming practices can actually build healthier soil.

Water Quality

You may be surprised to learn that agriculture is one of the leading causes of water pollution due to nitrate contamination. Choosing organic can make a difference!

Bees & Insects

From the rampant use of pesticides to the reduction of habitats, global insect populations are under attack. Pollinators like bees are facing multiple threats. Given their vital role in food production, choosing organic can help protect insects and our environment.


Scientists estimate we’re now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate. Organic farming’s more environmentally friendly practices improve biodiversity with an average of 30% higher species richness than conventionally managed farmed land.

Climate &
Healthier Planet

The global food system accounts for approximately one-third of global greenhouse gases, and up to 86% of that impact stems from agricultural production. However, a recent study shows Organic Farming traps carbon in the soil to combat climate change!


Working on a farm can be very dangerous due to conventional agriculture’s dependence on toxic and persistent pesticides. In contrast, research by the National Institute of Healthy proves organic agriculture keeps farm workers and their families safe!

Organic Must be an Important Part of Our Future

The facts are hard to avoid – conventional farming practices are harming our environment. Organic provides fantastic benefits to improve the health of humans, animals, and our environment as a whole. Furthermore, organic farming contributes to a virtuous cycle – one that you help make possible when you and your family eat organic. That’s why Yitto Paws supports organic agriculture so enthusiastically.


Our commitment to organic means we’re also serious about our opposition to GMOs. You can count on us to do everything possible to ensure you’ll never find them in any of Yitto Paws’ products. Furthermore, we will always support your right to know what in your food, which means GMO ingredient labeling for your food as well as your dog’s.

We Love Organic!

You can count on Yitto Paws to support organics now and in the future. That means every product we introduced will be certified organic!

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