Yitto Paws Best Emergency Sticker for Pets
Yitto Paws Best Emergency Sticker for Pets
Yitto Paws Best Emergency Sticker for Pets
Yitto Paws Best Emergency Sticker for Pets

Yitto Paws Best Emergency Sticker for Pets

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Our founder, Bruce, used to make a homemade version of this all-in-one, multipurpose emergency sticker. Then when he launched Yitto Paws Dog Treats, he decided pet lovers of all kinds would love this sticker to protect their pets and home. That’s why we call it the Best Emergency Sticker for Pets. We guarantee this sticker 100%, and if you have any ideas on how to make it better, let us know! Want to know what makes this the Best Emergency Sticker for Pets? Here you go!
  • Protects Your Pets! Alert emergency rescuers to save your pets!
  • We love cats too! Although we’re a dog products company, we love cats too. So you can protect all your four-legged family members. We’re serious when we say this is the best emergency sticker for pets!
  • Protect Your Home. Prevent Break-ins! Security signs and stickers are a proven deterrent for burglaries!
  • Stop Solicitors! Tired of solicitors bothering you and making your dogs bark? Our sign covers that too. Did you know most municipalities require solicitors to follow posted No Solicitor signs?
  • All-in-one Attractive Design! Now you can have one sticker by your doors and windows to keep your pets and home safe!
  • Flexible! You can tailor our sign by cutting off unwanted sections!
  • No sticky mess! Durable material! Our stickers are made of premium vinyl and use static cling to adhere to windows or any glass surface. Safe for use indoors or outdoors, you can cling your design from the inside or outside of any window. Of course, you can always use our stickers on other non-glass surfaces with a little glue.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%
We hope you enjoy our Best Emergency Sticker for Pets. We know your dogs and cats are family, and Yitto Paws is determined to do anything and everything we can do to keep them safe and healthy! Oh … and here’s more!


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